• A Diners Club charge card is a convenient, safe and secure alternative to cash. It has the convenience of a credit card without the need to extend additional credit, as the full amount is due within 55 days and no interest is charged on up-to-date accounts.
  • There is no point of sale transaction fee.
  • Use it for your daily household shopping, for dining out, flights, hotels, car hire and international travel.
  • Lets you link a complimentary additional card to your account and consolidate your family’s household expenses onto one account to maximise your benefits
  • Earns you rewards. Every time you use your Diners Club Card you can earn valuable air miles.

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For Diners Club members the gadgets includes delivery door to door via RAM couriers. To find out more: email or contact concierge on 0861-DINERS (346377)

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