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On the 13th January 1956 Dwight D Eisenhower was President of the US, Bill Haley was “rocking round the clock,” and Diners Club opened its doors for the first time in South Africa.

Of significance is that the SA launch came just six years after Diners Club, the brand that started the credit card revolution, was launched in the US.

Being the first and changing the world is one thing, but it’s what Diners Club has done since that has made it into the brand that successful businesses and individuals use with pride.

In 70 years Diners Club has gained a well-earned reputation as the premier travel and entertainment card, not just because of its worldwide acceptance, but because of the personalised approach we have with our members and the integrated nature of our products.

But of course Diners Club is a lot more than a travel and entertainment card, it’s also a way in which our members can fully enjoy life’s journey. Having a Diners Club credit card or charge card is to be a member of a unique club shared by like-minded people who demand more out of life and expect their card to help pave the way.

For 70 years Diners Club has been building relationships with its members and earning a level of loyalty that goes way beyond the norm. We can’t wait to see what the next 70 great years of Diners Club will bring.