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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Card

  1. Does Diners Club offer a credit card?
    More than just a charge card, Diners Club now provides new members with a credit card at a minimum repayment of 3% per month so you can enjoy life’s journey.
  2. How can I check my balance or view my transaction history?
    Visit and log on to your account, load your Diners Club Card onto the SnapScan App, download the Diners Club South Africa App on Google Play or via the app store or Call 0860 DINERS (46377)
  3. Can I use the card to obtain cash?
    Absolutely! You can make use of the cash withdrawal facility at more than 1.2 million global ATMs in more than 140 countries and territories. Look for Standard Bank, Pulse, Discover and Diners Club International logos at ATM’s. Convenience at your service.
  4. Your PIN – whenever, wherever with ‘PIN OVER IVR’ you can receive your new ATM PIN number for cash withdrawals through your cell phone or landline by Interactive Voice Response (IVR). How does it work?
    Using your CELL PHONE or LANDLINE, dial:

    • 0860 346 377 [if in South Africa] or
    • 0860 346 377  [if Outside of South Africa] Please note that you must have international roaming enabled on your cell phone in order to make use of this facility.

    Step 2:
    Select option 3 for IVR Pin Play back

    • OPTION THREE for IVR Pin Play back
    • Accept the Terms and Conditions to continue

    Step 3:
    Then complete the authentication process by

    • Entering your 13 digit identity number and,
    • select OPTION ONE to confirm this.

    Step 4:
    Follow the Voice Prompt:

    • Enter your 3-digit CVV NUMBER (found at the back of the card).
    • Select option 1 to confirm this number.

    Step 5:
    Enter your 10 digit cellphone number followed by option 1 to confirm.

    Step 6:
    Once you have been successfully authenticated, a 5 digit One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your cellphone. This OTP is valid for 30 minutes only.

    • Next, enter your 5-digit OTP using your cell phone or landline keypads.
    • Select option 2 to confirm the 5-digit OTP.
  5. What is the qualifying criterion for a Diners Club Card?
    You would need to earn a minimum of R500 000 per annum to qualify and join the club.
  6. Can I register to view my account?
    Available for Diners Club credit card, at; Diners Club Avantage, at and on the Diners Club South Africa App which can be downloaded on Google Play or via the app store.
  7. What is FICA and what does it mean to me?
    FICA stands for the Financial Intelligence Centre’s Act 28 of 2001. Banks and other financial institutions are required by law to verify the residential or physical addresses of their clients and to identify them.
  8. What happens if my card is lost or stolen?
    Simply call us on 0860 346 377 (South Africa) +2711 358 8406 (International), and we will assist you in cancelling your card and ordering a new one.
  9. Can I use my Diners Club Card when I travel overseas?
    Absolutely – we make travelling a pleasure! But please be sure to simply notify Diners Club before you travel, on the following numbers.
    0860 DINERS (346377)
    +27 11 358 8500
  10. Where can I find a list of all Diners Club Travel Service Locations worldwide?
    Click here
  11. What is ClubMiles the new rewards programme from Diners Club? 
    Step inside right here: Click here
  12. What are the benefits of having a Diners Club Card?
    Click here for Corporate Card
    Click here for Personal Card benefits

Company Card

  1. Who is liable for settling the card? The cardholder or the company?
    Diners Club offers either a corporate liability option or a cardholder liability option.  With corporate liability, we assess the company’s ability to repay the card. With cardholder liability, we assess the cardholder in their personal capacity.
  2. How do I know what limit I need to apply for?
    As a charge card, you would normally need two months of spend as your limit.  However, our relationship managers will consult with you to understand your payment and expense needs and identify the limit you should apply for.
  3. How much must be repaid monthly?
    The Diners Club Corporate Card and Lodge Card is a charge card.  This means you settle the full outstanding balance 30 days after the statement date, giving you up to 55 days interest-free.
  4. What happens if the card is settled late?
    A penalty interest is applied to the full outstanding amount.
  5. Can the cards be used online at travel and e-commerce merchants?
    Most certainly. The Travel Lodge Account has additional security features that prevent it from being used at non-travel related merchants
  6. Can I view my statements online?
    Yes, on Diners Club Advantage
  7. How will I manage and reconcile expenses?
    Diners Club Advantage is our expense management and reconciliation tool
  8. How do I apply?
    Email us at [email protected] and a relationship manager will contact with you

Travel Agents

  1. How do I access Travel Lodge cards?
    Cards are available online on Diners Club Advantage
  2. Why is the cvv number only available for 24 hours?
    This is to protect the cardholder and to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
  3. How do I get third level data on my customer statements?
    Contact us on [email protected] and a consultant will assist you



  • What are the benefits of ClubMiles?
    You can enjoy flexibility regarding your choice of airlines, flights and seats.
    You can pay for airport taxes with your miles.
    You receive free basic travel insurance cover if under 74 years of age.
  • What is ClubMiles?
    ClubMiles is an exclusive Diners Club member loyalty programme for South African cardholders that opens up a world of exciting rewards.
  • What are Miles?
    The loyalty currency that Diners Club Personal and Corporate members earn when using their Diners Club Card for eligible spend, which can be redeemed for air travel bookings on the ClubMiles website.
  • Who is eligible to register for ClubMiles?
    The programme is available to all Diners Club members who have a personal or corporate card that is in good standing.
  • How do I register for ClubMiles?
    You can register by simply logging on to or contacting Diners Club member services on 0860 346 377. Your membership will be confirmed 24 hours later.
  • What will happen to my BA/SAA miles, when I move to ClubMiles?
    Your BA/SAA reward miles will be calculated up to the time that you move to ClubMiles and allocated to your frequent flyer number.


  • What do I need to register?
    A valid Diners Club Card.
    A unique email address.
    A valid cellphone/mobile number.
  • What happens once I have successfully registered for ClubMiles?
    You will receive a welcome email confirming your registration together with instructions on how to activate your ClubMiles account on the ClubMiles website.
  • Do I receive bonus miles on linking to ClubMiles?
    Yes, Personal card members receive 2 500 joining Miles on your first eligible transaction after registration.
  • Which programme is ClubMiles affiliated to?
    ClubMiles is not affiliated to any programme, it is Diners Club’s own in-house programme.

Earning ClubMiles

  • What is a ClubMiles rewards point worth?
    Platinum: Platinum cardholders will earn 1 Mile for every R8,00 spent. Corporate: Corporate cardholders will receive 1 Mile for every R12.50 spent.
  • How do I activate my ClubMiles account?
    You visit the ClubMiles website and follow the prompts to register. After completing the registration process your account is activated.
  • How do I earn ClubMiles points?
    By using your Diners Club Card for purchases from everyday spend to travel and entertainment. Please note that you will not earn Miles on fees, ATM cash withdrawals, cash advances, casino chips and fuel.
  • How often will my miles be credited to my ClubMiles account?
    Your Miles will be reflected on your ClubMiles Account one business day after your transaction is received and processed by Diners Club.
  • Do Miles ever expire or become invalid?
    Yes, if there is no activity on your ClubMiles account, meaning no further earn or redemption for 3 years, your Miles will be forfeited.
  • Can cardholders linked to the same account earn their Miles jointly?
    Yes, the primary cardholder has the option to have all Miles allocated to his/her card number, or allow Add-on cardholders to earn ClubMiles for their own transactions
  • Can cardholders linked to the same account earn their Miles separately?
    Yes, the primary cardholder has the option to allow all cardholders to earn Miles on their individual ClubMiles accounts.
  • Can I transfer Miles between cards?
    Yes, as long as the cards are linked to the same account. The primary cardholder has the option to transfer Miles between cards on the same account via the ClubMiles website.
  • Can I earn ClubMiles if my Diners Club account is in arrears?
    Once your account is 90 days in arrears then you stop earning ClubMiles. Once you repay the outstanding amounts new transactions qualify to earn ClubMiles.
  • How many cardholders can be linked to the same membership number or should each have their own?
    1 cardholder = 1 ClubMiles number

Redeeming your Miles

  • What can I redeem my ClubMiles points for?
    Currently, you will be able to use your miles to pay for available flights, pay for flight bookings using ClubMiles on Mango Airlines, Accommodation, Holiday packages, Vouchers and purchase items such as Tech and Gadgets, Gift Hampers, Coffee, Wine and Luxury Luggage & Bags from the Club Store.
  •  How do I check my ClubMiles Balance?
    You Log on to
  • Where do I redeem my collected Miles?
    You log on to the ClubMiles website using your username and password.
  • What happens if I don’t have enough Miles to pay for my purchase?
    If you don’t have enough Miles, you can purchase top-up Miles on the ClubMiles website using your Diners Club Card.
  • What airlines can ClubMiles be used to book flights?
    Major international and local airlines that are members of IATA are available for bookings.
  • Am I guaranteed availability of seats?
    Seats are subject to inventory available for a specific flight from the respective airline.
  • How many ClubMiles points do I need to book a local ticket?
    This is subject to the cost of the ticket or accommodation.
  • Can I bank Miles instead of having them expire after 3 years?
    We will send you notification of expiry 6 months and 3 months before your Miles expire. This will give you an opportunity to retain your Miles balance by using your Diners Club Card for purchases from everyday spend to travel and entertainment.
  • What is the value for a ClubMile?
    The ClubMile compares favorably to other FFP e.g. at our lower earn rate of R8.00 a member requires 185k ClubMiles versus 220k miles from another FFP to redeem an economy flight from JHB to New York. * Flight booking prices are not fixed and will fluctuate according to Airline requirements.


  • How much does it cost to be a member of ClubMiles?
    There is a membership fee of R200 a year per cardholder that will be deducted at registration and then on card renewal going forward.
  • What will happen to my BA/SAA membership fee when I move to ClubMiles?
    Your current year’s BA Executive Club or SAA Voyager membership fee will be refunded pro rata.
  • Can I redeem ClubMiles for flights if my Diners Club Card is in arrears?
    You can redeem ClubMiles until your account is 60 days in arrears. Thereafter the ClubMiles account is frozen until you repay the arrear amounts and start spending.

Member Services

ClubMiles Contact Centre

  • How do I get hold of the ClubMiles member service centre?
    Please call 0860 346 377 and we will be sure to assist you.

Cancelling your membership

  • What will happen to the miles I accumulated if I choose to close my Diners Club account?
    Miles will be forfeited on cancellation of a Diners Club Card. Do ensure that you make use of all your miles prior to membership cancellation in order not to forfeit them.
  • How do I cancel my ClubMiles membership?
    Simply call the Diners Club member service centre at 0860 346 377 or cancel online ( You will be able to continue to redeem your miles, provided your Diners Club account is open and active.
  • Log on to the website and issue an instruction to cancel a ticket. Please note that the refund will only be made once received from the respective airline and will be less cancellation/administration fees. Should you need to amend a ticket booking, please amend online.

Terms and Conditions

You can obtain the ClubMiles Terms and Conditions by visiting or phoning the ClubMiles member service centre on 0860 346 377.


  • What do I do if I would like to dispute a ClubMiles transaction?
    Please contact the Diners Club member service on 0860 346 377 and report the disputed transaction/s and we will assist you.


  • What does ‘airline agnostic’ mean?
    ‘Airline agnostic’ refers to the fact that the programme is not confined to a specific airline but gives you the flexibility to book the available airline of your choice.
  • If I have a membership number with another frequent flyer programme, will I be able to earn miles on that programme when I book with the respective airline through ClubMiles?
    Yes, you will continue to earn miles on those membership numbers when making a ClubMiles booking – simply include your frequent flyer number when booking on the respective airline.
  • Can I convert my existing SAA Voyager or British Airways Executive Club miles to ClubMiles?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. Happy flying!