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Winelist Awards

Enjoy prestigious, award-winning tastes from the food and wine industry.


Recognising those making the most of food and wine.

Diners Club has always been more than a card. It’s a gathering of people with many shared interests and objectives; people who love to explore, to learn and discover. The South African Diners Club Winelist Awards is one product of that journey.

If you get to eat out you’ve probably noticed that some of the restaurants you visit proudly display a framed Diners Club Winelist Award certificate on their window or wall.

That’s because being able to boast a Winelist Award is prestigious confirmation that this establishment has a fine and well thought-out wine list that compliments the menu. And to anyone who has discovered the symbiotic joy of well-matched food and wine, that’s a big plus for the restaurant.

The Diners Club Winelist Awards don’t only attract restaurants eager to gain recognition for their class and style, they also attract an ever growing number of patrons who want to take their meal to a new level of enjoyment. To proudly display a Diners Club Winelist Award in the window is not an act of vanity, it is an invitation for discerning patrons to come in and enjoy a taste of greatness. It’s a sign that they belong.

Winning a Diners Club Winelist Award is, put simply, good for business. Which is why establishments put considerable effort into their entries.

So next time you decide to try a new restaurant, look to see if it has won a Diners Club Winelist Award. If it has, the certificate will be prominently displayed near the entrance.


Winelist awards not held in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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